Harrison completes 3D Vol. II

Donald just completed 3D Vol II which is the second instalment of the his 3D trilogy. The recording is in the classic jazz genre and showcases his Nouveau Swing stlyle. Nouveau Swing merges swing music with the contemporary music that Harrison grew up dancing to. The first CD in the trilogy, "3D Vol. I," was in the smooth jazz genre and features Chris Botti, Chuck Loeb, and Eddie Palmieri. This latest CD features a host of New Orleans classic jazz musicians. They include drummers Troy Davis, 16 year-old Joe Dyson, bassists Mark Brooks, Roland Guerin, 16 year-old Max Moran, 15 year-old , pianist Jessie McBride, 19 year-old Victor Gould from Los Angeles, and 17 year-old Conun Papas.