1. "CHIEF RON"

From the recording "CHIEF RON"

A song written by Donald Harrison in tribute to the great bassist Ron Carter. The composition starts with an intro featuring drummer Joe Dyson playing his patented one handed snare roll with his right hand against the cymbals with his left hand. He creates the incredible effect of sounding two drummers playing together. Bassist Max Moran, and pianist Zaccai Curtis play an ostinato line with the drums.  The song continues with a walking bass line, piano comping, and a searching melody on sax. One of the things that make this song unique is the series of subtle time changes. This is Harrison's quantum jazz concept and it is opening up a new area for jazz music. Pay particular note to how Harrison and Curtis effortlessly glide through the subtle, but monumental time changes during the melody, and solos. With quantum jazz Harrison moves jazz from a two dimensions state to a four dimensional state. 

Personnel: Donald Harrison – alto sax
                  Joe Dyson            -  drums
                  Max Moran        -  bass
                  Zaccai Curtis      -  piano
Recorded: Jan. 10, 2009 at Word Of Mouth recording studios in New Orleans, LA
Recording and mixing engineer: Tim Stambaugh


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