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Magic Touch Chill Trap Hip-Hop Version
composed by Donald Harrison and Deezle
produced by Donald Harrison and Deezle
Donald Harrison alto saxophone, hip-hop vocals, keyboard sequencing, additional drum programming
Deezle keyboard sequencing, drum programming, and lead vocals

This version of the Magic Touch showcases Harrison's understanding of our young generation's trap/hip-hop sounds and merges it with his jazz expertise. Harrison recorded the song with producer and composer Darius "Deezle" Harrison. The new collaboration is full circle because Deezle, now in his forties, was mentored in hip-hop and other diverse music styles in his twenties by the elder Harrison. He became a platinum-selling producer and Grammy Award winner.

In the past, Donald and Darius' team collaborated with Harrison's daughter, Victoria Harrison, on several of his urban format recordings. The trio of Harrison's have produced and recorded many New Orleans Mardi Gras music in the hip-hop, funk, soul, and jazz genres. They collaborated on Harrison's smooth jazz, soul, Chicago Stepper's, and hip-hop excursions. Harrison released some music and licensed some to films, but most of their work is unreleased.

The Magic Touch trap chill jazz is an exciting mix of musical ideas. Harrison's approach to melody came from first learning bebop and how to rap in the new trap style. He then mixed his understanding of rapping with his jazz understanding to create a hybrid melody and improvisation that felt natural. Harrison and "Deezle's" notable innovation was to change the melodic bass line from a bass sound to an 808 bass drum sound.