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Magic Touch Second Line Version
Donald Harrison alto saxophone and percussion
Shea Pierre piano
Max Moran bass
Troy Davis drums and percussion

"The Magic Touch Second Line Version" brings out the essence of Harrison's roots in the traditional jazz and brass band ensembles of his hometown, New Orleans. Harrison started in Second Line culture with his father, Big Chief Donald Harrison Sr. The elder Harrison would take the younger to Sunday Second Lines to dance to the sounds of The Olympia Brass Band and the Eureka Brass Band. They also went to performances of sit-down traditional jazz bands, Cajun, zydeco, funk, soul, and R&B groups. Harrison began working in brass bands as a junior in high school. He played under the wing of the great clarinetist Dr. Michael White. In this version, the group blends Harrisons' New Orleans experiences into a new Second Line sound for a modern jazz quartet. Drummer Troy Davis sends the group grooving hard with a rollicking beat. The pianist Shea Pierre adds traditional New Orleans piano and modern ideas. Bassist Max Moran is adept at capturing the essence of many styles of music. He lays down an incredible bass orchestration that is foundational and buoyant simultaneously. Harrison soars over the top with a sound that is danceable and intelligent.