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Harrison is the composer and producer of the song. He arranged the track with his brilliant former pianist Zaccai Curtis. The "El Toque Magico" incorporates elements from their mentor Eddie Palmieri, the Fania music days, Beny Moré, singers Marc Anthony and Daddy Yankee, soul music, and jazz into an uplifting intoxicating danceable brew. The sound is traditional with a modern twist. Harrison blends jazz ideas on sax with the touches of traditional Cuban flutists and singers. The percussionist plays in a new space where his drums reach new levels of syncopation. He adds more rhythm and notes while keeping the traditional perspective. He plays across transitions reminiscent of history's most remarkable drummers. Zaccia Curtis uses soulful chords and Eddie Palmier-inspired montunos juxtaposed against each other. Luques Curtis establishes the foundation while moving rhythmically, harmonically, and melodically to establish a new norm.